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St. Ignatios Prep’s mission is to provide a learning environment which is conducive to each student-athlete ensuring that they are sufficiently prepared for college, able to gain college acceptance and equipped with essential tools to be successful college students.  Our goal is to graduate 100% of our students and to have 90% of those graduates accepted into the colleges of their choice.

The purpose of this ministry is to provide a quality and affordable basketball program for young men both in the United States and around the world who have graduated high school but still desire a chance to play American college basketball. The criteria for being selected to the team is of course a high level of basketball ability ,but just as importantly, the desire to serve others and make a difference in the lives of other young people.  This program is concerned with helping these young men to grow spiritually, academically and as basketball players while they are under our care. We do this by a carefully planned daily regiment of activities that are designed to achieve the end result. The offshoot of this approach is we will end up helping these young men to evolve into the type of student-athlete that a college is looking for. There are less than 100 college basketball programs that actually generate a positive cash flow to their Universities each year, therefore, many programs are just as interested in quality people, as they are high end athletes.  Community involvement, teamwork, and academic success are all things these schools desire in the athletes they recruit. These are the qualities we hope to build in our young men. We will be preparing, training them and having them live as college athletes live. 

Founded by Lee Thalassinos, we serve young men from across the country.  We seek to prepare these young men for adulthood by developing them socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually and academically to ensure their success as college students and college athletes.

Benefits of the St. Ignatios Program

To assist the late developer.
To compete without the loss of a year's eligibilty.
To provide an additional year of growth and maturity.
To assist in the development of self-confident and self-discipline.
To allow for exposure and competition against top college and university teams. 

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2015-2016 Program Year 

Program Begins October 5th 

Saint Ignatios Int. Basketball Academy
115 Hillbrook Drive
Spartanburg, South Carolina 29307


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